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Stealing Time

Wasting valuable time is like stealing time. Stealing time hurts the one who steals it and the ones that it ultimately affects.  “Stealing” is breaking the commandment of God.  “Stealing time” is more like miss-using time because everyone is given time to use so it is the miss-appropriating of time that ultimately results in our blatant lack of it. 

Character is determined not only by our attitudes, words and actions but also by our wise or unwise use of time.

Time realization is something to be seeking and using every day–all day long. If you don’t have it ASK God for it! And then believe that He will grant it to you…and then USE IT!  Take time captive–IT IS YOURS to take, then USE IT!   WRING EVERY LAST SECOND OUT OF IT .   Don’t just “seize the moment” seize ALL moments to the best of your ability. Schedule TIME and then FOLLOW it!!  DO NOT give-up!  Life is a constant battle >>> NEVER SURRENDER!!<<<

Satanic influences and human nature are always close at hand.  They steal into your life and want you to  be thinking of fun stuff, interesting stuff that gets you no-where in life. “STOP THAT”!! GIRD UP YOUR LOINS and FIGHT FOR ALL THAT YOU USE!   TIME is something we all have the opportunity to use every day…time is movement but time moves out of our lives faster when we abuse it.  ITS GONE and we can’t take it back.  We can NEVER take it back and use it the way we originally intended to. It NEVER waits, it never stops, unless we “keel-over” then it is stopped  temporarily  (for us) until the resurrection.

Value time because it IS precious.  Time is segmented {years, months, days, etc.} so we use the segments as we are told to do in God’s word.  KEEP HOLY that segment (day) which is HOLY. NEVER WASTE IT–NEVER!  Prepare for it and KEEP IT HOLY! Then address the other segments of time (days) and assign the necessary elements of use to those segments. WRITE IT DOWN! So you can verify their completeness’s.

It is all so elementary for those who recognize the value of  time and know how to use it properly.  But to us who know absolutely nothing–>WE NEED all the help we can get to just keep ourselves from drowning in “the waters of time”.

Respectively submitted by Silverstones

October 4, 2011 at 11:17 am Comments (10)