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Who is being judged…right now?

New Post on April 14-16, 2011
Who is being judged RIGHT NOW?   This is a good question.   According to God’s word, [Jesus Christ in print...The Holy Bible --> Books: (Gen. - Rev.)] the answer is:   EVERYONE.   Before time and matter were created, God existed. God lives by everyone of His commandments (in fact All His laws are  truth and righteousness, Ps.119:151,172) and they are SPIRITUAL, (Rom 7:14).  

All Gods laws (physical and spiritual) were put into effect on earth when it was created along time ago.   If you’ve ever read any of the Psalms or Proverbs,  you would know that God in heaven wants the people He created to obey Him for their own health and good.  Question:  Do any of you who read this post think He, God, does not care either way – we can just “do our own thing”anytime we want?

The law of God (please check out all of Ps. 119 in the Holy Bible & read all the verses there and you will get a clearer view of what I am saying) is acting UPON us right now and has been enforce all through time. The law (both the physical and the spiritual) IS always in effect…you break it (any of the laws of God) and you will definitely realize the effect of that choice. {Most likely, you won’t like what happens} 

It doesn’t matter if you know all about God’s laws or you know absolutely nothing about them–they’ve always been  in effect.    You automatically receive blessings by keeping them,  but,  if you break His laws, you receive the curses that are automatically set to follow.  It doesn’t always “get you” instantly.   One reason for that is Your Heavenly Father is interested in repentance from those that He created.   So, He, many times, allows time (for repentance from the sinner/sinners) before the penalty is exacted.

Gods law is perfect (Ps.19:7), however, we are NOT.   We, human beings are NOT ABLE to keep God’s laws perfectly ALL the time. When Adam and Eve sinned, our  “sinful nature” was established along with the “law of sin and death” both have  been past on to everyone since then [ no one is exempt from it]. “For all have sinned and have fallen short…” Rom 3:9-20. So,  a person could say, “Why bother trying to be perfect, it’s impossible to keep all the commandments perfectly.” Yes, HOWEVER, there is ONE man who DID KEEP GOD’S LAW PERFECTLY (In the SPIRIT of the Law, not just physically), from birth, through adulthood, and all the way to death. That man is Jesus Christ (the true Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible– NOT the counterfeit Jesus of this worlds churches). We are to emulate Him, to BECOME LIKE Him, to do what He says,  to obey Him.   He prayed to His Father in heaven, who is also our Father (in Heaven) and He, Jesus, (while a human being) was always asking and seeking His Fathers help in overcoming human nature so as to KEEP the Laws and Commandments of God (see Heb. 5:7-9).   We are to do the same thing because the Law, God’s Laws, HAVE NOT BEEN DONE AWAY WITH!!!
It is NOT true that Jesus kept the law of God (in particular,the 10 Commandments) so that we DON’T HAVE TO.  That is a convenient lie, one that many church-goers in the world have been taught to believe by their Gnostic teachers.

We are all subject to the Law of God always (because IT IS enforce always). We DO need help to overcome our proclivity to sin (break the laws and commandments of God). Jesus told us to go to a private place and [bow down] pray to OUR FATHER in heaven.  Tell Him all that is on your mind and heart,  ask for  forgiveness of your sins,  ask Him for what you need and thank Him for all you have and praise Him for His awesome Love, Forgiveness and Salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
 DO what the Holy Bible says to do and stop believing and doing what people say. They (those “high and mighty ones”) are sinners just like you and me and many of them are being led astray by Satan and the demons to twist, misinterpret, and LIE about what the Holy Scriptures are teaching.  

Satan lies  (all the time).  God tells the  truth (all the time).  I’m writing this to tell you:   Believe God, don’t believe Satan the devil.   Choose God’s way of life and live. (Deut. 30:19)<<<that verse means even more now…we can choose eternal life with God the Father and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. 

***Special Note:  This post is about how God’s Laws are always working.  They (Laws) are everywhere – all the time.  This post is not about the “final judgement” when people are brought before the throne of God in the book of Revelation.  I want to be clear on that.

So, to you wonderful people who read my posts –> Be on-guard. (for your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8).   Pray always.  Love God and DO what He says (in His Holy Word) and you will automatically be blessed…because that comes  with the keeping of the laws and commandments of God. >>>Blessings galore<<<.
Agape Love to you all,


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