Truth and Water

A page to support the spiritual and physical health of one's temple

Hydration IS the KEY!

We are made of water (at least 70% of our temple is water) so keep yourself well hydrated and you will feel good enough to contribute your time, your talents and your spiritual insights to the spiritually malnourished men, women and children of the world.  Most people do not realize the awesome technology about water that spawned the invention of the water ionizer made by a famous  company in Japan, 35 years ago. 

We can now have, at our kitchen faucet, an appliance that produces “living water.   It IS NOT a mere filter, no…it produces alkaline, ionized, multi-clustered, reduced, ultra-wet water.  You need this  water>>>IN you<<<, it is micro-clustered to be easily absorbed by your body and deeply hydrates you cells, it is a powerful anti-oxidant, it detoxifies the acidic waste that can build-up inside.   This water can reduce pain as it helps the body become properly hydrated.  When you are hydrated, you will naturally have more energy. 

 I can help you get this “medical device” (as it is called in Japan).  The Japanese Ministry of Health (which is the equivalent of the FDA in the USA) refers to it a medical device.    

Drink it every day, at least half your weight in OZ’s.    Keep track of how you felt right before you started drinking the water and then in 3 weeks, compare how you feel with your original list.  See what changes have occurred in your physical temple.  You will be amazed!  Have a healthy hydrated day.!

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