Truth and Water

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possible up coming blog post

I want to do a post on God’s calling people into His truth (truth of salvation) vs. Satan’s deceiving people into his counterfeit church of counterfeit doctrines including the worldly known : Jesus–> (the counterfeit Jesus who can not even save a flea.) The counterfeit church is huge (full of deceived disciples).  God’s church is small but it contains His called-out-ones who know God and are known by God.  His children LOVE Him, serve Him AND Obey Him–unlike the deceived ones who think they follow the true God of the Bible but they DO NOT obey Him…and they think it does NOT matter.  If you believe Your Father in Heaven and you grow to Love Him and  understand His way of Life is it logical to then obey Him???  I say YES . 

The deceived ones have their excuses why they do NOT have to obey God.  It is so pitiful.