Truth and Water

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This time of the year–>The Christian Passover

Tonight, april 17, 2011, was the yearly Christian Passover observed at about 8:30pm.  It was AWESOME! We partook of the commanded foot washing, initiated by Jesus himself, on that very night.  We partook of the unleavened bread, Jesus’ body, then, we partook of the fruit of the vine (wine) Jesus’ blood.   All of it so perfectly planned and carried out by our loving God (the Father) and Jesus Christ (His Son) (our Savior) way before the world was created.  Tonight, we renewed our Covenant with God…It is such a GREAT time of year.  These are the BEST days of the year!  

Beautiful weather tonight provided by our loving Savior (Jesus Christ) on this fourteenth day of the month of the calculated Hebrew calendar.  Now we will experience and learn from the 7 days of unleavened bread–  Starting with The Night to Be Much Remembered.   AWESOME!! Partakers were: du,pa,br,mo      This night far, far outweighs the heathen, pagan (feeble substitute) called Easter.  Everything about that holiday is wrong!!!  Everything about keeping the Passover is full of abundant blessings.  We KNOW that we KNOW the TRUTH!!  We are very different from those that profess to be Christian.  The professing Christians do not know the way to salvation and eternal life.  They let themselves be CUT-OFF from God’s Plan of Salvation when they turn from truth and believe the lies that began in Eden by the mouth of the serpent (Satan).  more later.