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The Purpose of Evil

The  Purpose of EVIL 
This is my opinion of “why all this Evil?”
In the Holy Bible, we learn of:  hatred, deception, envy, vanity, lying (some of the characteristics of Satan the devil).  We also learn of LOVE, kindness, patience, goodness, humility, honesty (some of God’s characteristics).  
Did you know EVIL was created (had to be created) so that we would  be able to see with crystal clearness, understand  with total consciousness, & KNOW FOR AN ABSOLUTE FACT how horridly bad, wholly repulsive, and sickeningly wretched it (EVIL) is when compared to –>the SHEER BRILLIANCE and STUNNING BEAUTY of PERFECT LOVE EMANATING FROM A PERFECT GOD WHO WILL ALWAYS REMAIN PAST FINDING OUT?
Lucifer was the most splendorous arc angel ever created by God.  I think God knew  full well what he, Lucifer, would choose to become.  We human beings need to use comparisons in order to establish some very important keys to our destiny.  How did we come to know how wonderfully loving, kind, patient, forgiving and trustworthy God is unless we witnessed all the opposite attributes in the world where we live?
We do alot of comparing in our lives, it’s all around us: light/dark, good/evil, truth/lie, real/fake, hard/soft, sharp/dull, in/out, right/wrong<– that one! How would a person know what is “right” if there wasn’t any “wrong“?  In fact, all opposites are “IN” us.  We humans have a “built-in” human nature full of opposites.  We can realize good and do good and we can realize evil and do evil.  We can even realize good and want good and then proceed to do evil. 
But we are all under Satan’s dominion of evil (and it’s in our own human nature).  We have the evil from with-out and there is the evil from with-in.   
There will come a time in every one’s life when he/she will receive a calling from God to come out from our evil (dark) nature and into the marvelous light of God’s TRUTH. 
 [I will interject here that a person who is being called out of this world is entering into the process of conversion…it is NOT an instant emotional thing where the person may say out-loud, “I’ve been BORN AGAIN!!”.  No, that’s not the kind of real heart-felt, life-changing conversion that God is looking for.]
What are the keys to coming into the light of God’s TRUTH?  One important key is: obedience.  That thing that Abraham did when he was told what to do by God in the very first Book (Genesis).  Abraham obeyed God.  It is that simple.  Love and obedience.  They go together.
We come to see our God who we learn is Pure, Perfect, Loving, Long-suffering, Kind, Gentle, Forgiving, Full of Grace toward us; and we realize it, in part, because we are taught and shown the horrendous hate and jealousy, the tremendous bitterness, the evil wickedness  spawning and spewing from Satan and his demons. 
Along with learning the truth of God, we also learn  the truth of Satan the devil.  We learn we have a marvelous thing called “free choice”.  Once someone knows the truth of who and what God is and how He compares to the only other choice –> Satan the Devil, the choice is (I think) very easy…live forever in a loving, bright, fun environment  OR die (burn-up) in the lake of fire and be dead (totally non-existent) forever.  We just need to conscientiously & realistically compare the two  …and then choose LIFE!    
I would like all of you to choose LIFE, choose God’s way of life so we can all be together living, loving, and laughing, sharing, singing (yeah! we will all be able to sing!!).  We will be able to learn to play musical instruments, and we will be able to paint, dance, invent  and build things.  We won’t be scared anymore.  We will have confidence and assurance.  We will be able to  love  and be loved by everyone.  I  think we will even be able to have our own favorite animals (pet/s)with us again.  What I am writing here is just a very small part of whole wonderful destiny of humankind.  It is way more than just the little bit that I am typing here.  It will be so much greater than anyone can imagine. 
Always think before you act because things work out better that way.  Use the Holy Bible as your reference.
>>>Some of this is my opinion, so I do want to know your opinion on it.    So leave a comment or question about the content of a post if you are a person who is looking for purpose–something to sink your mental and spiritual teeth into.  We’re defining REAL LIFE here and it becomes very interesting “when the light dawns” and the truth squeezes past the barrier and finds fertile ground to grow in.  It’s absolutely AWESOME in height, width, length & depth!!!

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