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The Most Powerful Force of All

I will say it right away and what I say here is absolutely TRUE. The most powerful force in existence is LOVE.  Actually its FAITH.  Faith and Love go together and that total force is the most powerful thing anywhere at anytime.   And most of you know (if you own a Bible and read it) that God [the creator of all there is, all that was, and all that will be] is Love!  Everything God does is FOR us and it is all done in LOVE.  This is true even if we can’t understand the logic in what He is doing or in what He has done.  It is all done for a reason and it is all done in LOVE.

God has a plan and He is working out His plan at this time. In fact, He came up with the plan BEFORE time began.  He is building His family and its a BIG family with trillions and trillions in it.  And each one in it will be unique and very special to Him.  Each person in it can say,  “God loves me and I am special to Him”.  Each person will be correct in saying and thinking that.  Each one of us will be specially loved by God.  God IS that GREAT!  He can and is able to do that.

There are many things we don’t know about God and how and why He does what He does.  it’s like a snail trying to figure out a human being.  We just couldn’t imagine a  snail actually being capable of figuring out what makes us think and act the way we do.  “WE” aren’t even capable of figuring that out ourselves yet.

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Stealing Time

Wasting valuable time is like stealing time. Stealing time hurts the one who steals it and the ones that it ultimately affects.  “Stealing” is breaking the commandment of God.  “Stealing time” is more like miss-using time because everyone is given time to use so it is the miss-appropriating of time that ultimately results in our blatant lack of it. 

Character is determined not only by our attitudes, words and actions but also by our wise or unwise use of time.

Time realization is something to be seeking and using every day–all day long. If you don’t have it ASK God for it! And then believe that He will grant it to you…and then USE IT!  Take time captive–IT IS YOURS to take, then USE IT!   WRING EVERY LAST SECOND OUT OF IT .   Don’t just “seize the moment” seize ALL moments to the best of your ability. Schedule TIME and then FOLLOW it!!  DO NOT give-up!  Life is a constant battle >>> NEVER SURRENDER!!<<<

Satanic influences and human nature are always close at hand.  They steal into your life and want you to  be thinking of fun stuff, interesting stuff that gets you no-where in life. “STOP THAT”!! GIRD UP YOUR LOINS and FIGHT FOR ALL THAT YOU USE!   TIME is something we all have the opportunity to use every day…time is movement but time moves out of our lives faster when we abuse it.  ITS GONE and we can’t take it back.  We can NEVER take it back and use it the way we originally intended to. It NEVER waits, it never stops, unless we “keel-over” then it is stopped  temporarily  (for us) until the resurrection.

Value time because it IS precious.  Time is segmented {years, months, days, etc.} so we use the segments as we are told to do in God’s word.  KEEP HOLY that segment (day) which is HOLY. NEVER WASTE IT–NEVER!  Prepare for it and KEEP IT HOLY! Then address the other segments of time (days) and assign the necessary elements of use to those segments. WRITE IT DOWN! So you can verify their completeness’s.

It is all so elementary for those who recognize the value of  time and know how to use it properly.  But to us who know absolutely nothing–>WE NEED all the help we can get to just keep ourselves from drowning in “the waters of time”.

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I need to do a short post today. It is called: BELIEVING TRUTH, BELIEVING GOD
It is very sad to see>>> all the sincere people who really think they are believing the God of the Holy Bible but are in fact believing and worshiping the god of this world. I just want to say and go on record as saying that the ONLY WAY any person can come to believe the TRUE GOD IN HEAVEN is the way of obedience to the one TRUE God. Adam and Eve did not believe God and therefore they did NOT obey Him. Obedience follows TRUE belief. Today, 2011, we have the entire official, provable Holy Bible canonized by the apostle John – NT and Ezra – OT. It is Genesis – Revelation. A person can even get the Holy Bible in its original order a faithful version (faithful to the Hebrew & faithful to the Greek) in English put together by the people at Christian Biblical Church of God ( They believe AND obey God from the heart and therefore have no hidden agenda. They DO NOT alter or change God’s inspired word to fit their own beliefs BECAUSE their beliefs [at] ARE God’s beliefs and Gods word is what they always want to teach.
I have stated before that a child of God must believe and obey God. If you are His, then you will do what He says in His word. God always wants the BEST for His people [He LOVES THEM with a pure, perfect LOVE] and He gave them His laws, commandments, statutes, judgments, sayings {His WAY OF LIFE} and His Holy days {His SPECIAL SET ASIDE TIMES, also referred to as “Sabbaths”} OUT OF LOVE for His people. They, His Laws, Holy days, etc. are the foundation of His LOVE. God l i v e s His WAY OF LIFE and He is sharing it with us. THIS IS PROFOUND TRUTH!!!
His First and forth Commandments are the ones that set His people apart from the people of the world. His people love Him and they do obey Him. They are the Christian Sabbath keepers (the Sabbath has always been and STILL IS a sign between God and His people) (who also keep the Passover and Holy days of Lev. 23 as taught by Jesus Christ and kept by the Christians in the New Covenant AT THEIR EXACT APPOINTED TIMES). We (Sabbath and Holy Day keepers) truly believe God and obey Him…thus we are labeled “legalistic” or even ”Judaisers” by the Baal worshiping (Sunday keeping) Protestant ministers who like to gloat in their ”lawless grace” and continue in the lies spewed by Satan in the garden of Eden. They claim they believe God and then proceed to teach their trusting parishioners disobedience to Him.
However, most of the protestants don’t know that they –>don’t know His TRUTH .
I love them all and pray God will open their spiritual eyes to see the craftiness of Satan the devil and that they will abandon all the lies that he has spread over the years. I already know (by the scriptures in Rev.) that He will answer that prayer.
With Love and Respect,

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The Purpose of Evil

The  Purpose of EVIL 
This is my opinion of “why all this Evil?”
In the Holy Bible, we learn of:  hatred, deception, envy, vanity, lying (some of the characteristics of Satan the devil).  We also learn of LOVE, kindness, patience, goodness, humility, honesty (some of God’s characteristics).  
Did you know EVIL was created (had to be created) so that we would  be able to see with crystal clearness, understand  with total consciousness, & KNOW FOR AN ABSOLUTE FACT how horridly bad, wholly repulsive, and sickeningly wretched it (EVIL) is when compared to –>the SHEER BRILLIANCE and STUNNING BEAUTY of PERFECT LOVE EMANATING FROM A PERFECT GOD WHO WILL ALWAYS REMAIN PAST FINDING OUT?
Lucifer was the most splendorous arc angel ever created by God.  I think God knew  full well what he, Lucifer, would choose to become.  We human beings need to use comparisons in order to establish some very important keys to our destiny.  How did we come to know how wonderfully loving, kind, patient, forgiving and trustworthy God is unless we witnessed all the opposite attributes in the world where we live?
We do alot of comparing in our lives, it’s all around us: light/dark, good/evil, truth/lie, real/fake, hard/soft, sharp/dull, in/out, right/wrong<– that one! How would a person know what is “right” if there wasn’t any “wrong“?  In fact, all opposites are “IN” us.  We humans have a “built-in” human nature full of opposites.  We can realize good and do good and we can realize evil and do evil.  We can even realize good and want good and then proceed to do evil. 
But we are all under Satan’s dominion of evil (and it’s in our own human nature).  We have the evil from with-out and there is the evil from with-in.   
There will come a time in every one’s life when he/she will receive a calling from God to come out from our evil (dark) nature and into the marvelous light of God’s TRUTH. 
 [I will interject here that a person who is being called out of this world is entering into the process of conversion…it is NOT an instant emotional thing where the person may say out-loud, “I’ve been BORN AGAIN!!”.  No, that’s not the kind of real heart-felt, life-changing conversion that God is looking for.]
What are the keys to coming into the light of God’s TRUTH?  One important key is: obedience.  That thing that Abraham did when he was told what to do by God in the very first Book (Genesis).  Abraham obeyed God.  It is that simple.  Love and obedience.  They go together.
We come to see our God who we learn is Pure, Perfect, Loving, Long-suffering, Kind, Gentle, Forgiving, Full of Grace toward us; and we realize it, in part, because we are taught and shown the horrendous hate and jealousy, the tremendous bitterness, the evil wickedness  spawning and spewing from Satan and his demons. 
Along with learning the truth of God, we also learn  the truth of Satan the devil.  We learn we have a marvelous thing called “free choice”.  Once someone knows the truth of who and what God is and how He compares to the only other choice –> Satan the Devil, the choice is (I think) very easy…live forever in a loving, bright, fun environment  OR die (burn-up) in the lake of fire and be dead (totally non-existent) forever.  We just need to conscientiously & realistically compare the two  …and then choose LIFE!    
I would like all of you to choose LIFE, choose God’s way of life so we can all be together living, loving, and laughing, sharing, singing (yeah! we will all be able to sing!!).  We will be able to learn to play musical instruments, and we will be able to paint, dance, invent  and build things.  We won’t be scared anymore.  We will have confidence and assurance.  We will be able to  love  and be loved by everyone.  I  think we will even be able to have our own favorite animals (pet/s)with us again.  What I am writing here is just a very small part of whole wonderful destiny of humankind.  It is way more than just the little bit that I am typing here.  It will be so much greater than anyone can imagine. 
Always think before you act because things work out better that way.  Use the Holy Bible as your reference.
>>>Some of this is my opinion, so I do want to know your opinion on it.    So leave a comment or question about the content of a post if you are a person who is looking for purpose–something to sink your mental and spiritual teeth into.  We’re defining REAL LIFE here and it becomes very interesting “when the light dawns” and the truth squeezes past the barrier and finds fertile ground to grow in.  It’s absolutely AWESOME in height, width, length & depth!!!

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Who is being judged…right now?

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Who is being judged RIGHT NOW?   This is a good question.   According to God’s word, [Jesus Christ in print...The Holy Bible --> Books: (Gen. - Rev.)] the answer is:   EVERYONE.   Before time and matter were created, God existed. God lives by everyone of His commandments (in fact All His laws are  truth and righteousness, Ps.119:151,172) and they are SPIRITUAL, (Rom 7:14).  

All Gods laws (physical and spiritual) were put into effect on earth when it was created along time ago.   If you’ve ever read any of the Psalms or Proverbs,  you would know that God in heaven wants the people He created to obey Him for their own health and good.  Question:  Do any of you who read this post think He, God, does not care either way – we can just “do our own thing”anytime we want?

The law of God (please check out all of Ps. 119 in the Holy Bible & read all the verses there and you will get a clearer view of what I am saying) is acting UPON us right now and has been enforce all through time. The law (both the physical and the spiritual) IS always in effect…you break it (any of the laws of God) and you will definitely realize the effect of that choice. {Most likely, you won’t like what happens} 

It doesn’t matter if you know all about God’s laws or you know absolutely nothing about them–they’ve always been  in effect.    You automatically receive blessings by keeping them,  but,  if you break His laws, you receive the curses that are automatically set to follow.  It doesn’t always “get you” instantly.   One reason for that is Your Heavenly Father is interested in repentance from those that He created.   So, He, many times, allows time (for repentance from the sinner/sinners) before the penalty is exacted.

Gods law is perfect (Ps.19:7), however, we are NOT.   We, human beings are NOT ABLE to keep God’s laws perfectly ALL the time. When Adam and Eve sinned, our  “sinful nature” was established along with the “law of sin and death” both have  been past on to everyone since then [ no one is exempt from it]. “For all have sinned and have fallen short…” Rom 3:9-20. So,  a person could say, “Why bother trying to be perfect, it’s impossible to keep all the commandments perfectly.” Yes, HOWEVER, there is ONE man who DID KEEP GOD’S LAW PERFECTLY (In the SPIRIT of the Law, not just physically), from birth, through adulthood, and all the way to death. That man is Jesus Christ (the true Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible– NOT the counterfeit Jesus of this worlds churches). We are to emulate Him, to BECOME LIKE Him, to do what He says,  to obey Him.   He prayed to His Father in heaven, who is also our Father (in Heaven) and He, Jesus, (while a human being) was always asking and seeking His Fathers help in overcoming human nature so as to KEEP the Laws and Commandments of God (see Heb. 5:7-9).   We are to do the same thing because the Law, God’s Laws, HAVE NOT BEEN DONE AWAY WITH!!!
It is NOT true that Jesus kept the law of God (in particular,the 10 Commandments) so that we DON’T HAVE TO.  That is a convenient lie, one that many church-goers in the world have been taught to believe by their Gnostic teachers.

We are all subject to the Law of God always (because IT IS enforce always). We DO need help to overcome our proclivity to sin (break the laws and commandments of God). Jesus told us to go to a private place and [bow down] pray to OUR FATHER in heaven.  Tell Him all that is on your mind and heart,  ask for  forgiveness of your sins,  ask Him for what you need and thank Him for all you have and praise Him for His awesome Love, Forgiveness and Salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
 DO what the Holy Bible says to do and stop believing and doing what people say. They (those “high and mighty ones”) are sinners just like you and me and many of them are being led astray by Satan and the demons to twist, misinterpret, and LIE about what the Holy Scriptures are teaching.  

Satan lies  (all the time).  God tells the  truth (all the time).  I’m writing this to tell you:   Believe God, don’t believe Satan the devil.   Choose God’s way of life and live. (Deut. 30:19)<<<that verse means even more now…we can choose eternal life with God the Father and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. 

***Special Note:  This post is about how God’s Laws are always working.  They (Laws) are everywhere – all the time.  This post is not about the “final judgement” when people are brought before the throne of God in the book of Revelation.  I want to be clear on that.

So, to you wonderful people who read my posts –> Be on-guard. (for your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8).   Pray always.  Love God and DO what He says (in His Holy Word) and you will automatically be blessed…because that comes  with the keeping of the laws and commandments of God. >>>Blessings galore<<<.
Agape Love to you all,


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Definition of The Gospel

The Gospel preached by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and afterwards by His apostles [appointed to go into all the earth] is the GOOD NEWS of the Kingdom of God coming to be established upon the earth by Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, at an exact predetermined time in accordance to the creator God’s revealed Sabbath and annual Holy days where-in all aspects, inspiration, and specifics of the Kingdom are carried-out in every detail as depicted by their “rehearsals” through out each and every year by the ecclesia (called-out ones).   The Gospel includes two resurrections [1st and 2nd] Rev.20.  *The first resurrection will be of all those who loved and obeyed God from the heart (OT) and also those who are “in Jesus”, (NT) His called-out ones who answered the call; proving their love to Him by their obedience to  His commandments; repentant people, having been baptized and  keeping the yearly Passover the way He taught them, thus they have “eternal life” in them and are worthy of the 1st Resurrection.   *The second resurrection will include every person who has ever lived EVEN those conceived but never born will have their chance to live (physically), to be taught, to realize truth and thus to be able to choose eternal life offered to them by God the Father through their savior, Jesus Christ.  All those who died, having never heard  or known the “Truth” of God, will be raised again (physically) and will receive comprehensive teaching from the Word of God so as to sufficiently understand Truth and thus make their informed decision to love God and live Gods way of life in His never-ending Kingdom or not to love God and His way of life which will end their life in the Lake of Fire.  No one will be forced to decide–they must choose for themselves.  Gods way of life has always been a matter of free personal choice.  Every person will be judged by God.  All according to the choices (informed choices) they have made for themselves. >>>>>>>  [[[->If you read this post and feel it has helped you in some small way–then I encourage you to go to:  {{ helped me and is still helping me know and understand TRUTH of the Holy Bible}} You will find SO MUCH on this sight that has been” kept” from the people of the world who truly want to know what the creator of this planet is really preparing for them…it is AWESOME news about the restoration of the “Faith once delivered” to the saints of God and all the terrific news of the coming Kingdom of God.   The more you look into it (really look into it with a sincere heart)–> the BETTER it gets.  What God has planned for you is FAR BETTER than you could possibly imagine.  I don’t think that you  came upon this posting by sheer accident<–]]]

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Hydration IS the KEY!

We are made of water (at least 70% of our temple is water) so keep yourself well hydrated and you will feel good enough to contribute your time, your talents and your spiritual insights to the spiritually malnourished men, women and children of the world.  Most people do not realize the awesome technology about water that spawned the invention of the water ionizer made by a famous  company in Japan, 35 years ago. 

We can now have, at our kitchen faucet, an appliance that produces “living water.   It IS NOT a mere filter, no…it produces alkaline, ionized, multi-clustered, reduced, ultra-wet water.  You need this  water>>>IN you<<<, it is micro-clustered to be easily absorbed by your body and deeply hydrates you cells, it is a powerful anti-oxidant, it detoxifies the acidic waste that can build-up inside.   This water can reduce pain as it helps the body become properly hydrated.  When you are hydrated, you will naturally have more energy. 

 I can help you get this “medical device” (as it is called in Japan).  The Japanese Ministry of Health (which is the equivalent of the FDA in the USA) refers to it a medical device.    

Drink it every day, at least half your weight in OZ’s.    Keep track of how you felt right before you started drinking the water and then in 3 weeks, compare how you feel with your original list.  See what changes have occurred in your physical temple.  You will be amazed!  Have a healthy hydrated day.!

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Emerging Truth

Here comes another post. Lots of things happening in our world nowadays. And if that were not enough, we have fear mongers out there on the Internet, Radio, TV, and printed matter telling you of all the different calamities getting set to strike our earth and even our solar system. They all think they are doing the public a favor by telling them of the horrendous things that are “just about to happen”.  Some of them may be correct, HOWEVER, they do not give any answers nor do they give you personal (inner) peace of mind. 

What the public needs is a personal direct line of communication to the Creator of all mankind… they need TRUTH! TRUTH from God the Father and Jesus Christ, the son of God, our Savior, our LORD and King, who is also “our elder brother” Ask: “What do I really need so I can live and function and have total peace of mind in this world of chaos?” Then read His answer (in His Holy Word) Incidentally, there were alot of people, God’s people, who gave their lives so YOU can HOLD IN YOUR HANDS and READ with YOUR EYES His inspired words of Truth–the ENTIRE BIBLE!  We are SO INCREDIBLY BLESSED!!!

Right now, there is too much stress; this planet is stressed-out partly because we know TOO much, we have TOO much , we can do TOO much but we find ourselves not doing much… because we don’t know the answers…what do we HAVE TO Learn, Think and DO to have peace of mind, to have REAL purpose, to know that we know the TRUTH?  What is the EXACT answer? 


READ, STUDY AND FAST OFTEN.   KEEP ALL OF GOD’S HOLYDAYS  {His Holy Days contain the Plan for all mankind- The Gospel -(Salvation)} AND REMEMBER TO KEEP THE  SABBATH EACH WEEK (on the 7th Day, NOT the first day) . JUST SO YOU KNOW…ALL THE HOLY DAYS BELONG TO GOD.   >>THEY (The Commandments & Holy Days)DO NOT BELONG TO ANY CERTAIN RACE,  GROUP OR TRIBE OF PEOPLE!  THE ISRAELITES (all >>>12<<< tribes) WERE GIVEN GOD’S WAY OF LIFE, HIS 10 COMMANDMENTS (Ex. 20)and HIS Holy Days (Lev. 23), they did not have God’s Holy Spirit, they found themselves unable to keep the 10 Commandments (neither “in the spirit of the law” nor could they keep it perfectly “in the letter”of the law).  

So now in 2011 we have ALL of the Holy Bible and we can decide to learn and do what our Creator tells us in His word.   We can learn to keep His way of life “in the spirit” of the law as well as “in the letter”.  Pray for GENUINE LOVE for God and neighbor. 

Your loving God can detect if you are faking it.  Feigned  love will get you nowhere!  Please know that  you WILL  DO what you CHOOSE TO DO. {It’s all a matter of choice}  Become PASSIONATE for TRUTH, LOVE &  LIFE.  LOVE GOOD and HATE evil to the core!!   Ask God for help.  This road IS the narrow path that leads to eternal life, it is NOT the popular path –>(the W I D E road, the easy, smooth road of no resistance courtesy of Satan the devil)  

Your Father in heaven will HELP YOU.  There are many things I could add and will add later (as my intention is to do) that go along with these few lines of loving concern. 

Be patient with yourself…God is. 


*Known Fact:  Salvation from God is something He  will give to His people…IT IS NOT SOMETHING YOU EARN–IT IS A GIFT.

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Hello, Do you need some Truth?

Hello to you!  This is my first written message to my blog. Truth and Water can and will be used to support Biblical truth and also the awesome physical and spiritual benefits gained by water.  Very special water.  Water that was NOT available a few short years ago. 

Truth:  does not change, can not change, will not change.  That’s why God can say:  “For I am the LORD, I change NOT.” Mal 3:6  We are subject to time and circumstances and our own free will–we can can and do change.  The God of the OT who became Jesus Christ does NOT change.  I am so glad our God is so far beyond our comprehension of Truth and of Love.  Our lives will change.  At some point in our lives, we die.  That is a huge change.  That is NOT a problem to those who “are in Jesus Christ”, those who were bought and paid for by His atoning blood– those who love, believe and obey the Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  We look forward to that change.  Our future is very exciting.  [See 1 Cor. 15:51-58]

The plan that  God is working out (all according to His Holy days) is proceeding on time, of course, and is perfect in every detail.  {Holy days of  God:  see Lev.23: 1-44.}  The knowledge of the Plan of the ONE [& ONLY] TRUE God is only given to ones who have been called by God and have answered the call by being obedient to Him.    Keeping Gods commandments (all of them) and His Holy Days (all of them) is the Key to really knowing and loving God and being known by God.  It takes faith to obey God.   It takes no faith to believe the god of this world and to keep his holidays.   More later.  Read:  Emerging Truth and read:  The Definition of the Gospel ( posts in this blog)

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